Bibliophile’s Bath

Library Bath

After years of searching, the whimsical side of me says, I have finally found my perfect tub. The practical side says I splash too much to make this work. Realistically, If I had those shelves they would hold towels, bath products, and an industrial sized bags of epsom salts.

Here are some more bathtubs with shelves.


One thought on “Bibliophile’s Bath

  1. oh my.
    great blog, natasha.
    this too is among my favorite “home model” baths,
    though your local $6 onsen in JN looks pretty amazing too.
    and despite the risk of splashing on the pages of one’s books,
    it would seem to me well worth that risk with this tub…
    i could totally picture you and d in a two-person sized biblio-tub, spending fantastic sunday mornings in word and water immersion.

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