Halfway River Hot Springs

Halfway River Hot Springs' Riverside Pools

Halfway River Hot Springs are a blissful soak in the Kootenays, just north of Nakusp B.C. They are tucked at the bottom of a steep cliff beside the pebbly Halfway River. These springs lure soakers away from hot spring resorts in the area to soothing mineral water in its own natural setting.

In late spring, after the run-off has passed, there are a number of pools at the river’s edge and more permanent soaking pools upstream. Every year the pools and the conditions of the soaking tubs change, but the most enviable spot is always right beside the river. Halfway River Hot Springs are the perfect place to enjoy a quiet day or two. There are places to pitch a tent onsite and further up the road.  On weekends you are sure to run into other bathers, but there is always plenty of room for everyone.

For industrious bushwhackers looking for an extra measure of quiet or adventure; there are rumors of a hot spring that tumbles down a boulder slide 11km upstream of Halfway River Hot Springs. Pack a shovel.

Directions: The forest service road that will get you to Halfway River Hot Springs can be found 26km north of Nakusp. The fork to a flat parking area is at exactly 11.2 km from the highway and just past an ATV track that dives down to meet the hot spring trail. From the parking area follow a path on the left down a steep cliff. The forest service road is best accessed in the summer by four-wheel drive vehicles with high clearance. However, it’s not impossible in very dry weather for less capable cars. Check oil, tires, gas and the weather before embarking and plan on the trip taking a while. A tip from a local: If you are going in the winter bring your snowshoes. You’ll need them as soon as you get off the highway.

Photo–Daniel Irvine


5 thoughts on “Halfway River Hot Springs

  1. This place is great! a steep hike to get down but once you’re there it’s beautiful! there’s about 3 rocks pools and one wooden tub. with a little shelter to keep your clothes dry. We were there during a really windy night…kind of frightening with all the old cedar trees falling all around us. But, we survived!

    that’s the wood tub we were in…pretty rustic but it did the trick! Wish I could post some more photos but my friends facebook is de-activated at the moment. haha this picture doesn’t really do it justice, it’s so gorgeous! I’ll try and post more in the near future.

    People were camping right down at the hot springs while we were there but our group camped up top.
    Definitely somewhere I’d love to go again someday soon!

    1. Hi Hannah, I have been away from Hotsprung for quite some time and just saw your comment now. I hope you found the information you were looking for. I have been getting a lot of questions about travel to various springs and, since the road conditions change from season to season, I always recommend calling the local Ranger Station to inquire. They will have the most up to date information. Your question and the questions of others inspired me to pass on the information that I use when I am traveling to hot springs in this post: https://hotsprung.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/guides-for-the-hot-spring-season/ I hope this helps for your future trips.

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