Dewar Creek Hot Springs

CreekDeep in the Purcell Wilderness there is a secluded natural tub. I visited it years ago and it’s a place that I still dream about – the alpine meadows, the scalding water, the incredible views.

There are a lot of barriers to getting to Dewar Creek Hot Springs, but if you’re up for the muddy trek, it’s an incredible experience.

If you make it, you’ll be deep in hot spring country and even deeper in grizzly bear country – keep it wild.

3 thoughts on “Dewar Creek Hot Springs

  1. Natasha,
    Thanks so much for creating this page and providing some information on these fantastic places. I have never been to and undeveloped hotspring but i love the outdoors. I look forward to heading out to one of these hot springs sometime this spring.
    Thanks again for the info.

    1. Hi Drew, Thanks for the encouragement. I am glad others have been enjoying the blog even though I have been away for so long! I hope to do more regular postings soon. How was your trip last spring? Where did you end up going?

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