Sauna Hats

Kaspars Freimanis, creator of the company Sauna Hat, uses his sauna in Latvia once or twice a week and always wears a hat. A hat in the sauna may seem counterintuitive but not according to Kaspars. He says that a quality wool hat has the best insulating properties for keeping the heat from the sauna off you head. This will help you to be able to stay in the sauna longer and will protect you hair and ears from frying in the heat. Hats were traditionally worn in the Russian Banya, but sauna users internationally are catching on to the style and attraction of Sauna Hats. Though a towel may suffice for casual sauna users the handmade charms of Kaspars hats are hard to resist. When I asked Kaspars where he found his design inspiration he said, “we do not need to think about design, design is everywhere,” and he gets most of his inspiration from nature. Visit the Sauna Hat Homepage for more information and remember when sauna hats are not being used in the sauna they are evocative street wear.

To see sauna hats in action check out the Seattle’s Banya5 or Forest Hills Spa in Queens.

Photos courtesy of Kaspars Freimanis